One of mine is the lightest, coolest blouses for hot, humid East Coast summers: batiste blouses that I buy in Hungary. To find them, take a side trip to Lake Balaton, or visit the touristy village north of Budapest, Szentendre.


02/04/2015 8:57pm

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This is crazy if you would go this far away from your place to get what you want desperately. But this really doesn’t make any sense to me that you moved this are to just for a blouse.

09/07/2016 10:54pm

In this world every single woman are love to shopping with their husband because he is only one man who tolerance his expense. My wife is going the village with me and she’s find that thing who is looking special.

10/11/2016 10:45pm

Do I really need to buy them? Are they really so pretty to put on?)

12/10/2016 8:35am

Okay, I will visit this market someday. I have never been to Hungary before.

01/03/2017 8:59pm

04/27/2017 10:33pm

You are right. Batiste blouse is really a rare find. I'm so happy that you found that on your travel in Hungary! In my case, when I went to Greece, it's not an item that I found. It's an experience of a lifetime! When I went to Santorini and swim there. I just couldn't forget the whole experience. If you're going to travel, go enjoy, and search for a rare item.


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